Lawn Aerating and Seeding

We over aeration and seeding services to keep your lawn healthy and the root system for your grasses strong.  This not only promotes a greener, healthier looking lawn but also helps prevent weeds from becoming a problem. The #1 way to combat weeds in your lawn is to crowd them out with thick, green grass!

Aerating and Seeding – The key to a healthy lawn.

Core aeration is available without the overseeding part of the service!

A healthy lawn needs more than regular mowing, watering, and fertilization.  Every year or 2 we recommend you aerate and overseed your lawn.  Aeration and overseeding will improve the root structure and make your lawn more resistant to drought, disease, and weed infestation.

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Aerating and Seeding Pricing

Pricing is based on the size of your lawn.  We provide free estimates upon request.

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We recommend you aerate your lawn once each fall.  How often you need to oversee depends on the current state of your lawn, but typically is only needed every 3-5 years.


Aerating/Seeding Timing

Ideally, these services are performed in the spring or fall.  The fall being slightly more ideal than the spring.  It can be done over the summer if needed, but please know you will need to water a lot!

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About Our Aerating and Seeding Service

Our lawn aeration service includes pulling 2-3” inch cores out of the lawn over entire soil surface and overseeding if desired.

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Lawn Needing Restoration

Re-Seeding Can Save Lawns!

The lawn pictured was smothered by fallen leaves left to sit on the grass for an extended period of time.  If you need help with your fall lawn maintenance, we can offer that service to you too.

Even if your lawn has been neglected this badly, we can help it recover with our aeration and seeding services.  No lawn is beyond hope.  Lawn aeration literally breathes new life into neglected lawns!.

Core aeration includes pulling 2-3” inch cores over the entire property.  We use a stand on aerator that provides the most consistent aeration for the healthiest results.  Grass aeration is a key component to any healthy lawn.

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