Lawn Mowing – Done right!

When you do what you love, you just do it better!  Williams Lawn Care Services has a passion for cutting grass.  It’s a whole lot more fun when you have professional-grade lawn equipment like we do.  It’s almost like we get to play with our toys all day!

Lawn Mowing Neighbor to Neighbor

As a life-long resident of Northeastern Ohio, I want to make our community look great. I have 15 years experience and a passion for hard work. I want to share that with you and make your life a little easier by handling your lawn maintenance needs. 

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A  Williams Lawn Care Services work truck. The truck is white with the logo for Williams Lawn Care Services on the side.
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Lawn Mowing Service Cost

Starting from just $35.00! Our mowing quote will depend on the size of your lawn among other characteristics of your lawn.

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Scheduled Mowing Services

We mow on a weekly or every other week basis depending on how fast your grass is growing.


The Grass Cutting Season

From mid-March through November is typical growth cycle of turf in Girard and nearby.

About Our Lawn Mowing Service

We are a local lawn care company that offers great lawn maintenance services.  Expect professional-grade of service when you hire Williams Lawn Care Services as your grass cutting service.

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A sidewalk surrounded by a freshly mowed lawn and curb. The sidewalk has also been neatly edged.

Professional and Affordable Mowing

And we are reliable!  You can count on us week in and week out to keep your lawn professionally maintained at a fair price.

We are more than a lawn mowing company.  Let us help you with your lawn maintenance. We will cut, edge, and blow your grass, leaving your lawn, driveway, walkways, and street looking great.

We even offer to bag the clippings for a slight upcharge.

We value hard work, determination, and perseverance. 

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Lawn Mowing Stripes: The sign of a well cared for lawn

We don’t just offer a great grass cutting service, we treat your lawn as we would our own, taking pride in our attention to detail.

Whenever possible we ‘stripe’ up the lawns we mow.  We use a crossing pattern when the terrain allows which provides a very nice and professional look.  Think baseball fields! 

A freshly mowed lawn that has visible mowing stripes in the grass.
A red Williams Lawn Care Services work truck alongside two commercial lawn mowers.

Quality Lawn Mowing Equipment

We have the right-sized equipment for your job, including my 2007 “Cub Cadet” riding lawn mower which is one piece of equipment that we still maintain and use to this day.

Since then we’ve upgraded to more reliable and efficient lawn equipment.  This allows us to keep our pricing in line with our competitors because we can perform the work in a timely manner.

Our clients also find peace of mind knowing we have multiple pieces of equipment, many of them very much like new, so we can still maintain their lawn even if one mower is in the shop having maintenance performed.

Rest assured, whether we’re trimming your hedges or mowing your lawn, we’ll bring the right tools for the job.

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