Fall Yard Clean Up

One thing is certain each fall starting around September, the leaves will come down.  When they do, we will be there to pick them up so you can prepare for the holidays as stress-free as possible!  We know it always gets a little crazy!

We Pick Up Leaves!

We offer a final service of the growing season that we call our Fall clean up.

Leaf removal is a much needed and intimidating service each fall for the average homeowner. We are up for the challenge and happy to collect and remove all fallen leaves from your lawn, landscape, and paved surfaces.

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Fall Service Pricing

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Fall Maintenance Frequency

Recommended annually each fall. If you have mature trees, multiple fall cleanups may be called for.


Year End Clean Up Timing

Late October to mid-December and we are around over the winter months if needed too.

About Our Fall Clean Up Service

In just a few short hours we can undo months of leaf build-up and clutter.  Removing this layer of leaves protects your lawn from being suffocated over the winter, helping to ensure a healthy, green lawn in the Spring.

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A residential home with a for sale sign in the front lawn. The lawn is covered in hundreds of fallen leaves before a property cleanup.

Winterize Your Lawn and Landscape

We can help with the curb appeal of your property when it is for sale or if you plan to stay.

We will give your lawn the final cutting of the year, pick up all clippings, debris, leaves, blow out your mulch and garden beds to prepare them for overwintering. We will also cut back your perennials and ornamental grasses to ensure their health over the Winter.

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Fall Lawn Maintenance

They come down fast, but we can remove them faster.

Lawn sweeping or lawn vacuuming, whatever you want to call it, when your lawn looks like this we can get it looking clean again in no time.

We are leaf removal specialists!

A residential home with a front lawn that's completely covered in fallen leaves.
A fenced in back yard with a yellow and white shed that is covered in fallen leaves.

Don’t Let The Leaves Stress You Out!

We will remove leaves from fence lines and other areas where they pile up.

Again, no job is too big or too small.

If you don’t have the time, are physically unable, or simply do not want to pick up the leaves yourself, we have got you covered just like the leaves have your property covered right now. 😉

But once you contact us for your free leaf removal quote, they will magically disappear!

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