Hedge Trimming: No job is too big…

or too small!  Let us help you get any unsightly hedges under control.

Are Your Plants Getting Hairy? We Can Help!

Our pruning service includes pruning and trimming of all shrubbery and/or small to medium-size trees or hedges to a healthy size.

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Hedge Trimming Pricing

Custom pricing based on each job’s unique characteristics.  Free quotes are provided upon request!

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Recommended Frequency

We recommend plants be pruned as needed based on that specific plant’s needs.  2-3 times per year keeps most plants looking great all season long.


Pruning Seasonality

We prune plants all growing season long which is from mid-March through November.  We are available if needed during the winter months.

About Our Shrub Trimming Service

Hedge trimming service, bush pruning service, bush trimming service??  It doesn’t matter what you call it, if you want your hedges, bushes and small trees looking manicured, call us!!

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A line of over grown shrubs along a residential driveway that are in need of a pruning service.

Before Our Pruning Service

This is exactly what we ‘fix’ with our pruning service!

We provide the highest quality care for your shrubs, not only concerning ourselves with the look of the plants, but also their health.

After our pruning service, expect your plants to be trimmed back to a uniform shape with all clippings removed from your property. 

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After Our Pruning Service

Note the tarp, we are not only concerned with pruning your bushes or small trees, but leaving the area clean after we are done.

We also focus on maintaining the plants to a healthy size to ensure they will be around for you to enjoy for years to come. The quality of our shrub pruning will leave you very impressed.

Trimming your plants back 2-3 times per year not only keeps them looking great all growing season long but also keeps them healthy! It’s also a great time for a fall or spring cleanup service, so all leaves and debris can be removed from your property at one time.

Protect your investment in your landscape with Williams Lawn Care Services professional shrub care.

A line of shrubs along a residential driveway after a pruning service from Williams Lawn Care Services. The shrubs have been neatly and uniformly trimmed back into their natural shape.
A line of neatly trimmed shrubs lining the entrance to a back yard.

We Maintain All Native Plant Material

Regular pruning of hedges ensures that your walkways stay walkways.  This improves the appearance and value of your home.  Our shrub care is second to none.

Some of the most common plants we prune include hydrangeas, azaleas, rose, forsythia, weigela, spirea, lilacs, boxwood, and hollies.

We are able to prune or cut back any shrub, bush, or small tree as long as they are not over 12′ in height due to insurance restrictions. We can also trim tree limbs to a height of 12′.

Other plants we care for include annuals, perennials, and ornamental grasses.

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