Fresh Mulch: Can you say curb appeal?

A final product that looks this good comes from our attention to detail through every step of the project. Mulch is the most common material we deliver and install in our customers’ landscape beds, but decorative stone, sands, and gravel are also options as mulch alternatives. View material types.

Mulching – The key to a great looking landscape!

Service includes mulching of all landscape beds and providing a fresh 2” layer of premium colored mulch.  Additional coverage will be subject to a small charge to cover the cost of the mulch.  

Also, like any quality landscaping company, we offer to cut in sharp edges to the mulch beds and putting down weed barriers to ensure the look lasts for months after we finish your project. 

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Mulch & Rock Pricing

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How Often Should You Mulch?

Once per year is plenty for most landscapes!


Installation Timing

Most people prefer to have mulch installed in the Spring, but before the holidays is a great time for a topdressing refresh.

About Our Mulch & Rock Services

This service is usually performed at the beginning of Spring and our schedule fills up fast so call early to ensure we can get you scheduled.  We take extra care to ensure the job is done quickly, but with quality workmanship.

Remember, a nice mulch job is just one aspect of a complete landscape maintenance program.  Check out our other services here!!

We take pride in leaving the job site clean and your landscape looking the best it ever has! 

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Williams Lawn Care Mulching a Home

Mulching Services

Our attention to detail starts from the time we deliver mulch to your job site.  To begin our mulch installation, we lay the mulch on tarps to ensure the area can be cleaned completely when we are finished.

You will never even know we were there, except for the beautifully mulched beds surrounding your house.

If you’d prefer to have decorative rock be installed instead of traditional hardwood mulch, we have several types of stone for you to choose from.

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Edging The Beds

To improve the look of new or existing mulch beds, we offer cutting in clean new edges to set off your mulch bed from the lawn.

This is offered at a small upcharge, but dramatically improves the presentation of your mulched areas.

We also recommend to have us prune your shrubs before installing new mulch to keep your mulch looking fresher longer.

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Mulch Beds clean edges
Mulch Lay it on thick

Thick Mulch With Weed Barrier Fabric

Our standard service applies mulch to 2″ thickness, which we find to be very effective.  Of course, if you want it thicker, we are happy to help (for an additional charge to cover the cost of the mulch).

We also offer decorative stones, gravel, and sand installation as a mulch alternative.

As any professional landscaper would, we offer to install weed barrier fabric in your flower beds to make your gardening easier throughout the growing season.  The weed barrier fabric is installed first, below the mulch, and impedes weeds ability to invade your flower beds!

There is an additional cost if you’d like weed barrier fabric installed to account for the cost of the material and the additional labor needed to install it.

Mulch and Rock Material Options

Don’t limit yourself!  You have plenty of options to make your landscape unique!

Mulch Options

Mulch Types 1 and 2

Extra Dark Double Shredded Mulch (left)
Single Shredded Mulch (right)

Mulch Types 3 and 4

Dyed Premium Black Mulch (left)
Economy Double Mulch (right)

Mulch Types 5 and 6

Double Shredded (left)
Forest Brown Dyed Mulch (right)

Mulch Types 7 and 8

Wood Fiber (left)
Chipped Mulch (right)

Mulch Types 9 and 10

Brick Red Dyed Mulch (left)
Extra Dark Chocolate Dyed Mulch (right)

Mulch Type 11

Premium Single Ground Bark Mulch

Stone/Rock Options

Stone Types 1 and 2

Canadian Blue Stone (left)
#3 Washstone (right)

Stone Types 3 and 4

#57 Washstone (left)
#57 Mohave (right)

Stone Types 5 and 6

Black Gold Stone (left)
Black Platinum Stone (right)

Stone Types 7 and 8

#57 White Limestone Stone (left)
#2 Blue Grey Washstone (right)

Stone Types 9 and 10

Caramel Canyon Stone (left)
Premium 3 Washstone (right)

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